Remote & Robotic Demolition

Remote Controlled Electrically Powered Excavators take the centre stage for this comparatively new demolition technique. Safety is always the first consideration with every project RVC undertake; sometimes it is just too hazardous to even contemplate carrying out a job in a situation that poses a great threat to the well being to members of our team.

Robotic demolition is growing specialism that almost completely eliminates safety issues such as: confined spaces, fall from height, dust, vibration, noise, fumes and much, much more.

RVC have embraced this modern technology as being fundamental to being able to offer a complete package of services to our clients no matter what the application, thus eliminating risk to our staff, furthermore it has proved to be a cost effective solution to expensive alternatives and ensures RVC are a serious player in the future of technological demolition services.

If would like further information about Remote & Robotic Demolition or have any enquiries please contact us.