Petro Chemical Decomissioning

Our team at RVC are highly experienced and well versed in the complexities of decommissioning former petrol and diesel filling stations.

This potentially hazardous task requires a great deal of background planning and communication between the team members prior to the works being carried out: RVC make sure we have conducted all the necessary enquiries, initiated all the correct procedures and processes prior to commencing on site to enable a safe and trouble free process.

Our decommissioning team are highly trained in their practices working with hazardous liquids and gaseous environments whilst continually monitoring flammable confined spaces using RPE certificated breathing apparatus. Emergency procedures are always set in place whilst our on-site activities are taking place.

Gas free certificates are issued to our demolition team allowing them only 24 hours to remove the tanks from the ground and make them safe.

If would like further information about Petro Chemical Decomissioning or have any enquiries please contact us.